Matthew Davis


What is in a picture? 

A thousand words? 

An image of the soul of those captured? 

Or a freeze-frame of a long forgotten day?

Or perhaps, like literature, it is a point of view of the creator to show their politics and uptake on life, perhaps even their social standing.  These are my images, based upon the lovely things that I see and how I wish to portray them, partitioned into the following subjects:


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Sunset over West London, the Thames and the iconic Battersea Power station.  My career in Transport heavily involves this area as does the area from which the shot is taken - London Bridge - from the 72nd floor of Europe’s highest construction, The ‘Shard’ of Glass.  London is forever changing and yet still holds magic in its imagery, remaining in the past and yet projecting itself into the future.  I’m proud to be part of this changing landscape both above and below ground.

welcome to the world as seen through my eyes